Binder Material

  1. FaceSheet: a letter to assist CMS Surveyors, Facility Staff, and Leadership with your organizations participation in the exercise series
  2. Letter of Support: a letter showing your participation with your local healthcare coalition
  3. Tabletop Exercise After Action Report (AAR): documentation completed by your organization that sumarizes key information and facility-specific lessons learned, as well as improvement plans
  4. Tabletop Exercise Situation Manual (SITMAN): core documentation provided to give textual background and scenario narratives in reference to the TTX you attended
  5. Tabletop Exercise List of Participating Agencies
  6. Full-Scale Exercise Plan: a detailed description of what was asked of you during the FSX
  7. Full-Scale Exercise Event Log: export of the entire event log for the exercise. It contains your facility's response to the incident in a real-time, time-stamped fashion. It is arranged with newest comments appearing first. Therefore, earlier responses appear further in the document. If you print this out, you may want to reverse the pages and highlight your facility's comments for ease of use during the survey.
  8. Full-Scale Exercise After Action Report: documentation completed by your organization that sumarizes key information and facility-specific lessons learned, as well as improvement plans
  9. Full-Scale Exercise List of Participating Agencies
  10. Analysis of CMS Exercise Requirements and NSPA Exercise Details



Welcome to the 2019 CMS Workshop Series. Here you will find all of the information you will need for each session. Details below:

  1. Minimum People Involved: Exercises cannot be conducted by a single individual for any facility. You will need to involve, at a minimum, an administrative leader, a clinical leader, and a facilities leader as your Exercise Team for the planning meetings and the Table Top Exercise. This year we are also reccomending that you invite your purchasing or procurement staff member to the event. Each of these people must register individually. NSPA will not certify completion for any facility or organization not meeting this standard. If you have questions as to what is appropriate, please feel free to reach out to us (!
  2. Planning Meeting Attendance: Every effort should be made to attend all the planning meetings (all conducted virtually, via WebEx, dates below) as they are happening. This provides for optimal planning and allows you to ask questions and receive answers. Attending in person allows you to be best prepared for the actual exercises. If for some reason, you cannot attend the planning meeting webinar as it is happening, we will allow you to view the recording upon your request. Failure to complete the planning meetings may result in exclusion from the remainder of the exercise series.
  3. Tabletop Exercise Attendance: Your Exercise Team must attend one of three TTX offerings. These will be held in Roanoke at the dates, times, and location below. This is 100% mandatory. All tabletop exercises (you must attend only one) will take place at the Vinton War Memorial, 814 East Washington Ave, Vinton, VA, 24179.
  4. VHASS Training: Participation will include usage of the Virginia Healthcare Alerting and Status System (VHASS). You will receive a 30-minute training module (recorded presentation) prior to the exercise. Additionally, NSPA staff are available to assist in your training on this platform.
  5. Full-Scale Exercise Participation: Your participation in the Full-Scale Exercise (date below) is mandatory for NSPA to certify completion of this requirement.


Exercise Series Calendar

Tuesday, September 10th
Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA)- Optional WebEx
(click for recording)

Tuesday, September 17th
WebEx Table Top Planning Meeting
(click for recording)

Tabletop Exercise

| Tuesday, October 8 | Wednesday, October 9 | Friday, October 11 |
Table Top Exercise
(Vinton War Memorial: 814 E Washington Ave, Vinton VA 24179)

Tuesday, October 15th
WebEx Full Scale Planning Meeting
(see additional resources section above)

Optional: VHASS Training 

Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Full Scale Exercise
(Onsite at your Organizations location)

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 | Time: 10:00am
WebEx After Action Review
(see additional resources section above)