Welcome to the 2020 CMS Workshop Series. Here you will find all of the information you will need for each session. Details below:

  1. 2020 Changes
    1. Due to COVID-19, we have restructured the way we do our Annual CMS Exercise Series. This year’s series will be completely virtual. In year’s past, we have done everything virtual except for the Tabletop Exercises. This year, everything will be virtual. Because of that, we are starting off the series with a Virtual Platform Orientation. We will be utilizing the Adobe Connect platform this year instead of WebEx. Since this is a new program for our Coalition partners we are going to spend two days introducing you to this program
    2. This year's series is also restructured to fit your current COVID-19 response. Normally we add in a full scale or functional exercise to the mix. But because everyone is responding to COVID-19, that will count as a real-world event, therefore we will not need to do a virtual one on VHASS.
  2. Where to Start
    1. If you are interested in attending this series, your first step will be to register for each of the sessions below. If registration is open for that class, you will see a registration link, if not you will see the date registration opens. We will send out a variety of communications to make sure everyone receives this information. Make sure you are registered for our weekly situational brief here (nspa1.org/brief)
  1. Minimum People involved
    1. Exercises cannot be conducted by a single individual for any facility. You will need to involve at a minimum, an administrative leader, a clinical leader, and a facilities leader as your Exercise Team for each part of this series. Because this year's Series is completely virtual, you may also consider inviting more members of your team (incident management team members, department heads, or any other employee who may play a part in determining how your facility responds during emergencies). There is value in attending these Exercises as a group so you can go through each scenario and work out your plans together. However, we understand the climate of our current situation so each Organization will only be allowed up to 3 attendees in each meeting if your group cannot participate altogether.
  1. Meeting Attendance
    1. Every effort should be made to attend all of the meetings in this series. This provides for optimal planning and allows you to ask questions and receive answers. Since this year's events will be completely virtual it will be on you to document who attends from your team. It’s important you document this information for exercise requirements. You can use this template to record meeting details. Attending each meeting allows you to be best prepared for each step in this series. If for some reason you cannot attend a meeting while it is happening we will allow you to view the recording upon request.



Exercise Series Calendar

Part 1: Adobe Connect Platform Orientation
Thursday, September 17th at 2:00 pm or Tuesday, September 22nd at 10:00 am (optional)

Part 2: Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA)
Tuesday, September 29th at 10:00 am (optional)
Files Needed for the course: www.nspa1.org/hva 

Part 3: Tabletop Exercise Planning Meeting
Tuesday, October 6th at 10:00 am 
Recording Available on Request: Prerequisite to attending Tabletop Exercises

Part 4: Tabletop Exercise
Tuesday, October 20th | Wednesday, October 21st | Thursday, October 22nd
(choose one to attend)

Register Here
Files needed for the Exercise: Student SitMan

Part 5: After Action Review Workshop
Tuesday, November 10th at 10:00 am - 1:00pm
Register Here