2022 Cross Regional Exercise Success

Last week partners from the Near and Far Southwest Healthcare Coalition regions participated in the first of its kind, Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plan Full Scale Exercise. There were over 30 different participants from Long Term Care Facilities, Local/Regional/State Health Departments, Local and Regional Emergency Management, Hospitals, and more. The Commonwealth of Virginia will be renewing its Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plan at the end of 2022. This plan allows for LTC facilities to assist each other in the event of a disaster!

Each HCC across the state paired off to complete these exercises and Southwest did not disappoint. Participants spent an entire day working through the logistics of what it would be like if a local LTC facility had to evacuate. Heritage Hall Rich Creek served as the Disaster Struck Facility (DSF) while the other facilities as well as both HCC's assisted with their evacuation efforts. Thank you to each of you that participated! We hope you gained some valuable insights and had fun in the process.