Roanoke City Public Schools Active Threat Exercise

“Having a working relationship with NSPA prior to a disaster is critical. Knowing NSPA staff and the resource capabilities of the agency is important to insure emergency responders are able to provide services when supplies, equipment and personnel may be limited.”

– Marci Stone, Deputy Chief of Roanoke Fire-EMS

NSPA was invited to be a part of the planning team for a full-scale exercise that was conducted in the City of Roanoke.  Others from the planning team included City of Roanoke Public Schools, Fire-EMS, police department and sheriff’s department.  The 911 communications center, public health (MRC), Red Cross, and VDEM, among others, were involved.  NSPA provided resources in support of the exercise on the day of the event.  Manikins, moulage materials, a wheelchair, crutches, and a cache of safety vests were made available for use during the event.  The Regional Healthcare Coordination Center (RHCC) was activated by Roanoke Fire-EMS to assess the availability of emergency department capacity at the Roanoke area hospitals as well as the trauma centers throughout the region.

"Exercises allow response agencies to work together to insure that personnel are able to utilize knowledge, skills and equipment to effectively respond to disasters that could occur in the community," said Chief Stone. "Each time exercises are conducted it allows agencies an opportunity to work together to enhance communication and increase working knowledge."

NSPA is committed to support training and exercises that are conducted across our region.  We bring a special focus to the healthcare component of these exercises.  It provides our organization an opportunity to support local government efforts to prepare for various incident types.  If NSPA can assist with your organization/agency’s next exercise, please reach out to an NSPA staff member.