Planning for Burns

Each year at the Coalition we are tasked with creating new and enhancing existing regional preparedness and response plans. Over the last few years we have updated the base to our Emergency Operations Plan, created an Infectious Disease Control Annex, Pediatric Annex, and enhanced our Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP).

This year we will be taking on the task of creating a Burn Surge Annex to add to our EOP. We are looking for interested, knowledgeable, and experienced healthcare and emergency preparedness professionals who would like to participate in our Burn Surge Planning Workgroup! This group will  be primarily focused on assisting our contractor with the initial draft and development of our regional Burn Surge Annex.

This should be a 6 month process to initially set up and create the annex and complete an exercise to test the newly developed annex. We will need your help with providing input, guidance, best practices, and expertise to ensure the plan will most appropriately meet our regional needs to manage a catastrophic burn emergency incident. Ideally, we would like to have about 10-12 group members across all disciplines to address the comprehensive response capabilities and identify any existing gaps.

These workgroups allow you to further develop your professional relationships with a broader reach, plus they can be a lot of fun! If you’d like the opportunity to assist us with this important endeavor, please contact Monica McCullough, at The work you do matters!