Emergency Preparedness Seminar

On December 13, 2018, the city of Roanoke hosted their 2nd Emergency Preparedness Seminar. Businesses throughout the area gathered to learn about opportunities for their organization. Marci Stone, Emergency Manager for the city of Roanoke, invited Emergency Management personnel to speak on business preparedness and continuity training. A variety subjects were discussed, from active shooter training to creating an emergency operations plan.

NSPA's JT Clark spoke to businesses on general planning for organizations before a disaster. He explained the role of NSPA and how it helps healthcare interests prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. He also spoke on the importance of a risk assessment and knowing what vulnerabilities your businesses should be prepared for.

Other speakers included Clark Goodman; ServPro, Marci Stone, and Todd Peters from FreightCar America. Peters explained the importance of the event and how just months after the seminar in 2016 their organization had to put to use the information they learned.