Important Coalition Meeting February 19th

The next Coalition Meeting of the Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance will be held on February 19th at the Carilion Rehab Auditorium in Roanoke.

This month's meeting will focus on the use of WebEx as a webinar platform.

Coalition meetings, conference calls, emergency communications and other correspondence are executed using the WebEx platform and it is essential that all coalition members are comfortable with accessing WebEx from a computer and viewing the webinar.

It is important that all participants attend this meeting in one of two ways:

  1. Attend the meeting in person on February 19th at 2pm in Roanoke. -OR-
  2. Attend the meeting virtually using the WebEx Online Platform.  This needs to be dedicated time viewing the webinar on the computer screen.  Utilizing the call-in function without viewing the presentation online is discouraged unless all other options are unavailable.

To assist all our members in accessing this technology, we will be distributing two short video tutorials on accessing WebEx on your computer.

More information to come!