July 16th Coalition Meeting

This month we will be hosting Frank D. Goodwin, Director at Mid-State Safety! Frank will be providing information on respiratory protection programs! His presentation is jam-packed with information and everything mentioned is listed below as a resource tool for you and your team.


RPP Program Presentation Materials

  1. Meet Frank
  2. Presentation Slides
  3. COVID-19 OSHA Checklist
  4. COVID-19 Do's & Dont's printable
  5. COVID-19 Poster Printable
  6. Bloodborne Pathogens Facts
  7. Medical Recommendation Form Template
  8. Sample Fit Test Record
  9. VDH OSHA Medical Questionnaire 
  10. Respiratory Protection Program Template #1
  11. Respiratory Protection Program Template #2

Coalition Meeting Materials

  1. July Agenda
  2. June Meeting Minutes
  3. Presentation Recording
  4. Attendance List