The Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance is providing an opportunity for Long Term Care Facilities within the region to exercise the Virginia Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plan.


Brief Plan Overview
The VA LTC-MAP was created in 2015 to assist Long Term Care Facilities across the Commonwealth with emergency evacuation and surge events. The plan outlines a comprehensive course of action and an agreed commitment among long-term care facilities to assist each other as needed during disasters and emergency events, particularly those that require evacuation.

The plan's memorandum of understanding (mou) serves as a voluntary agreement among participating facilities to share supplies, resources, and even accept evacuating residents from other facilities when a serious need arises. It also allows for a continuum of coordination between a variety of emergency support agencies including Hospitals, Local Emergency Management, Public Health as well as other Regional and State support if needed. To read more about the LTC-MAP click here.

Exercise Documentation

Exercise Information
NSPA will be coordinating LTC-MAP Drill with participating facilities across the region. The purpose of this exercise is to test these plans and further develop this process across the region. This exercise will also give participating facilities the opportunity to complete an additional exercise if needed for CMS requirements. Remember, LTC Facilities must complete two exercises a year; see this CMS Memo for additional information.

Exercise Documentation (Updated 04/16/2021)

  • Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plan (LTC-MAP)
    • Supplemental documents that go with the plan click here
  • You must have a signed MOU for the LTC-MAP
  • You must have an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for your facility
  • You must bring together your Command Team to participate
  • At least one individual must participate in the initial planning meeting to play in the Exercise

Exercise Dates

Additional Information

  • NSPA strives to provide its members with as many opportunities as possible to test their plans to further advance regional preparedness. LTC Facilities are in no way obligated to participate in this exercise or participate in the LTC-MAP.
  • NSPA will continue to offer exercise opportunities throughout the year including our annual CMS Exercise Series in the Fall.
  • This particular exercise will be a drill and will closely follow the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines. A drill is different than a tabletop exercise, "drills are operations-based exercises that are commonly used to provide training on new equipment, validate procedures, or practice and maintain current skills." Click the link above to read more about the HSEEP programs and the different types of exercises.
  • For any questions or more information please contact Mary Kathryn Alley, Medically Vulnerable Populations Coordinator at (540) 541-0315 or