Multi-Agency, Multi-Hazard Full Scale Exercise

On Friday, Sept. 6th, several NSPA regional healthcare coalition partners participated in a Multi-Agency Multi-Hazard Full Scale Exercise sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency, held in the Roanoke Industrial Center.

Participants included local, state and federal partners.  Participating hospitals received 40 mock-patients in total; requiring decontamination and medical treatment from a simulated aircraft crash breaching chemical tankers inside the industrial park.  The simulated chemicals released into the air and seeping into groundwater, allowed all stakeholders to test their emergency response plans for a mass casualty incident of this magnitude.

“As the region’s Level 1 Trauma Center our teams are passionate about being prepared so that Carilion Clinic will be there for the community in times of disaster.  Participating in drills and exercises such as these builds partnerships with local, state, federal, and private resources.  This provides Carilion Clinic’s Incident Command Teams and Emergency Departments  the opportunity to build relationships and practice under realistic conditions in order to keep our community safe and provide the best patient care available.” - Craig Bryant | NREMT-P Director of Emergency Management and Safety

Thank you to everyone who participated.  Your continued contributions help to build a better-prepared response community!