How to Request PPE Resources

As it stands today, here are the current ways to request resources. This could be subject to change and please be flexible if it does. Should the directive change we will update the list!
(updated 04/02/2021)

For Organizations in need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ask the following questions:

  1. What is the reason for the increased need for supplies?
  2. Are you able to procure these supplies from your current Vendors and processes?
    1. If not, have you tried contacting any other Vendors or Organizations?
  3. What are your specific needs?

Resource Request Chain of Assistance:

The Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance (NSPA) will collect resource requests from:

  1. Hospitals
  2. Long Term Care Facilities
  3. Dialysis Centers
  4. Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers 
  5. Outpatient Care Providers (including Community Health Centers) 
  6. Home Health
  7. Hospice
  8. Other healthcare community providers that fall under the HPP grant guidelines 

If we are unable to provide any assistance or you are a provider not covered through the Coalition, we will then refer you to:

  • The Virginia Department of Health (VDH)
  • Your Local Emergency Managers,
  • The Department of Social Services
  • or the Virginia Emergency Support Team. 


Important Info To Understand


For any and all requests it is important to know: who your current vendor is, what supply do you have on hand, how many days will that last you, what your facilities current burn rate is, and the number of supplies you are requesting. For requests through the Coalition please email us or submit your information in VHASS!