Research InstituteNSPA strives to be on the forefront of coalition development and emergency preparedness.  To that end, we make attempt to compile pertinent research in the field of emergency management related to healthcare.

Many of these research items are developed and/or written by coalition members and others within the Near Southwest Region.

If you'd like your research to be featured here, or if you have ideas for future topics that the coalition may be able to investigate email Robert Hawkins for details.

The following links lead to abstracts, summaries, and full-text articles if available.  Of course, not all full-text is available for free publishing.  In those cases, links to acquire the full text are provided.

Published Research

A Quantitative Evaluation of Three Mass Casualty Triage Systems In Common Use In The United States.

      By Travis Houser

A meta-analysis of hospital evacuations: Overcoming barriers to effective planning, Journal of Healthcare Risk Management 2015

By Jarred Hicks, MD and Roger Glick, MS, MBA, CEM, FACHE

Care of the Child with Ebola Virus Disease, Pediatric Clinic Care Medicine 2015

By Carl O. Eriksson, MD, MPH; Robert K. Kanter, MD; et al

Hospital Evacuation Planning Tool: An Overview; IAEM Bulletin, July 2013

By Jarred Hicks, MS3, VTCSM and Roger Glick, MS, MBA, CEM, FACHE

The Need for Translational Research in Emergency Management; IAEM Bulletin, May 2013

By Roger Glick, MS, MBA, CEM, FACHE and Lindsey Anthony, MPA, CEM

Optimization-based decision support to assist in logistics planning for hospital evacuations, Journal of Emergency Management 2013

By Roger Glick, MS, MBA; Douglas R. Bish, PhD and Esra Agca, PhD(c)

Translational Research: Healthcare and Academic Coalitions

By Roger Glick, MS, MBA, CEM, FACHE and Leslie E.W. LaConte, PhD