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Hello Everyone! I’m Monica McCullough, the Training & Exercise Coordinator for the Near Southwest Preparedness Alliance, (more frequently called, “NSPA.”) We are your Regional Healthcare Coalition- and if you are reading this, YOU are an important part of our membership! In addition to myself, our team is made up of Robert Hawkins, our Executive Director; Mark Cromer, our Regional Healthcare Coordination Center Manager; and Mary Kathryn Alley, our Medically Vulnerable Populations Coordinator. Each of us are committed to being a supportive resource to help meet the needs of our regional healthcare partners and emergency response stakeholders in the 16 counties that we serve. Please check out all of the information listed below so you can become familiar with the various resources we’ve made available for you!

With the ongoing response to COVID-19, we have all had to make some pretty major changes in our processes and policies to work through all of the new challenges this pandemic has brought to each of our doorsteps. As many of your facilities/organizations are now implementing a Respiratory Protection Program, per OSHA, and need to be officially fit-tested to wear the N-95 or other approved respiratory masks, it’s important that you know how to get this accomplished. The first step is to have someone designated to be your organization’s Fit Tester. The Virginia Dept. of Health, (VDH,) is offering train-the-trainer sessions across the state; see below for a class near you. If you aren’t able to make one of those sessions, you can reach out to your Local Health District to see if they might be able to assist you with getting trained.  This will allow you to be able to conduct your own Fit Tests “in house” at your facility, whenever needed. Fit-testing will be needed when you have a new staff member orienting, anytime there’s a change in what type of respirator your staff will need to use, and anytime there’s been a change in a staff member’s facial features, such as weight loss or weight gain.

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As always If you’d like more information about NSPA or have any questions reach out to any of our Staff Members.  Thank you for ALL you do each and every day.  We are truly honored to be one of your key emergency preparedness partners.  We are all BETTER TOGETHER!

Respiratory Protection Planning