A course designed to present a strong foundation of principals in delivering emergency medical care for patients in a tactical environment

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A course designed to present a strong foundation of principals to provide immediate on-scene medical care to successfully stabilize civilians in a tactical environment.

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TECC for Healthcare

A course designed for persons trained in medical care who find themselves at the scene of a traumatic emergency and are unable to leave until help arrives.


NSPA is now offering Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Courses here in our Region! The first course will be designated for FIRE/EMS participants followed by a second offering, specifically for our Law Enforcement partners! NSPA also has plans to offer TECC for Healthcare Providers in the near future!

These are 8-hour courses divided into two separate parts. Part 1 is the didactic / lecture presentation and will be delivered in a live interactive training session. Part 2 is the psychomotor portion of the course and will be an in-person/hands-on training to put into practice what has been taught virtually. Participants MUST attend both parts of these 8-hour courses to receive CE/ In-Service credit. (EMS continuing education and LE In-Service credit will be granted through OEMS and DCJS, respectively).

Due to COVID-19, we have set up the courses to minimize the amount of time students will be interacting together in person, as well as to not take participants away from their job duties for a full day.

Course Objectives for FIRE/EMS

  • Examine and address the unique and challenging requirements of administering point of wounding medical care by Fire/Rescue/EMS personnel to patients during a high-threat incident
  • Learn to distinguish between life-saving and secondary interventions, and when they should be applied based on the prevailing threat to responders and patients based on all three phases during integrated operations such as Rescue Task Force
  • Proper application and interventions such as tourniquets, wound packing, pressure bandages, and other techniques to support tenants of damage control resuscitation.

Target Audience: BLS & ALS Providers

Course Objectives for Law Enforcement

  • Learn the differences between responding to and dealing with an isolated incident versus a high-threat situation with mass casualties.
  • Learn and reinforce basic life-saving TECC skills for law enforcement personnel that may be applied in “officer down” self-help/buddy-aid situations, as well as provision of point of wounding care during other high-threat incidents such as Active Shooter.
  • Proper application and interventions such as tourniquets, wound packing, chest injury management, and more.

Target Audience: all members of law enforcement to include officers, deputies, investigators, detectives, troopers, and agents


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For more information about this course or other courses at the NSPA Training Center please contact Monica McCullough, Training & Exercise Coordinator.