Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) HUB

HICS 5th Edition: This Fifth Edition has been expanded to meet the needs of all hospitals, regardless of their size, location or patient care capabilities. Lessons learned from real-world emergencies have been incorporated into this version of HICS from the 2009–10 National HICS Survey, the 2011 HICS National Stakeholders’ Summit, and from examples provided by the HICS Secondary Review Group members who once again evaluated the draft materials and provided their comments and suggestions to all proposed changes.

HICS Resources:

HICS 201: Incident Briefing

HICS 202: Incident Objectives

HICS 203: Organization Assignment List

HICS 204: Assignment List

HICS 205A: Communications List

HICS 206: Staff Medical Plan

HICS 207: Hospital Incident Management Team Chart

HICS 213: General Message Form

HICS 214: Activity Log

HICS 215A: Incident Action Plan (IAP) Safety Analysis

HICS 221: Demobilzation Check-out

HICS 251: Facility System Report

HICS 252: Section Personnel Time Sheet

HICS 253: Volunteer Registration

HICS 254: Disaster Victim / Patient Tracking

HICS 255: Master Patient Evacuation Training

HICS 256: Procurement Summary Report

HICS 257: Resource Account Record

HICS 258: Hospital Resource Directory

HICS 259: Hospital Casualty / Fatality Report

HICS 260: Patient Evacuation Tracking

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