New “RAD” Workgroup

NSPA will soon begin the process of drafting our Radiological Surge Annex as part of our regional EOP. We are currently seeking individuals to serve on the Radiological Workgroup to help with providing accurate information, input, and insight from our regional partners. If you have a strong knowledge base or strong interest in this specific area and would like to assist us with this process, your participation in this new working group will be greatly appreciated.

Please share this opportunity with anyone you have contact with who would be a great addition to the group! If you are aware of any subject matter experts (SMEs) in this area, please help us make that connection!  Once we’ve put together the group, we will schedule a virtual “kick-off” meeting to discuss the best dates/times/frequency of meetings.

If you have any questions or would like to submit your name or make a referral for consideration to be part of the workgroup, please send notice of your interest to Monica McCullough at: