Updated PPE Request Processes

As a member of the Southwest Virginia Healthcare Coalition (SVHC), you have access to regional deployable assets, PPE, and supplies in the event items are needed for training, planned events or real-world emergencies. These items are updated and maintained by the SVHC team and are located in two warehouses across the region. We are currently still in the process of taking inventory and merging all of the assets from the former Near Southwest and Far Southwest regions. However, once everything is merged those items will be listed in our regional resource guide listed here. This resource will be updated monthly to reflect regional resources.

To request these items, please fill out this form. In the event you are not able to access this form, we ask that you utilize the ICS 213 Resource Request form listed here, and email it to Jeff McKinney at jmckinney@vaems.org. Please allow 24-36 hours to process these requests. Any requests made through these processes should not be for emergent needs. All emergency requests should go through the Regional Healthcare Coordination Center (RHCC) by calling, 1-866-679-7422.