Upcoming Training Offerings at NSPA

The NSPA Training Center is "springing" into action by bringing you a variety of in-person offerings. Each of these courses are open to our partners across the NSPA region. If you have any specific questions about these offerings or our Training Center please reach out to Monica McCullough, Training & Exercise Coordinator at mmccullough@vaems.org 


Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)- June 10th 
a 4-hour course that teaches the principles of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) in a hospital/healthcare environment to establish a response and education framework.
Location: Lewis Gale Medical Center Salem

Basic Certified Healthcare Emergency Coordinator (CHEC)- June 14-15
a two-day classroom-based course that provides students with an introduction to emergency management principles as well as the key components and regulations of emergency preparedness and response programs. This course is perfect for someone who is new to healthcare emergency preparedness/management looking to understand the components of the overall healthcare systems response.
Location: Wytheville Meeting Center | Click Here for Registration

MedSled Training- June 17
MedSleds are evacuation sleds that can be utilized for non-ambulatory patients during an evacuation. MedSleds can be utilized in a variety of scenarios such as stairwells, dragged-over debris, and in hallways. MedSled uses the 'roll and drag' method, which ensures heavy lifting is not required. Anyone can use this product with a minimal amount of training and size is immaterial.
Location: SOVAH Danville

Basic Disaster Life Support (BDLS)- July 13
an 8-hour, lecture-based course that is information-packed and intended to educate first responders and healthcare personnel to prevent, detect and respond to disaster scenarios including natural and man-made disasters, chemical or radiological incident and infectious disease outbreaks.
Location: Lewis Gale Medical Center Salem | Click Here for Registration

Advanced Certified Healthcare Emergency Coordinator (CHEC)- July 19
a one-day intensive course on plans and exercises. Building off the Basic C.H.E.C course, this course will provide healthcare emergency coordinators with an in-depth guide detailing plan basics, development, annexes and apendcies to plans, implementation of plans, evaluating plans for quality, and exercising a plan.
Location: Wytheville Meeting Center | Click Here for Registration